Corporate Parties

At your next event, experience something unique and exciting!

Our full production, themed events are designed to maximize participation and enthusiasm!  Make your staff party a blast with Epic’s interactive team challenges.

At conferences, take the social activity to a new level, all while providing some good friendly fun. These parties are a great way to break through social barriers of groups from different departments, regions, or even different companies. Epic parties harmoniously incorporate friendly atmosphere into professional networking.

Make no mistake, if you’re looking for the very best interactive entertainment, you have found it.  We are the experts and innovators in this niche form of entertainment.  The amount of creativity and effort involved in development of highly successful entertainment products like ours is nothing short of tremendous.  Finding and retaining the very special talent capable of piloting our shows is no small task.  … so why do we do it?  Some say we’re simply mad!  …Really, we just like to have a lot of fun!


Epic Game Show

Face the Music!

Karaoke Rock n’ Roll Challenge

The Feud

Casino Royal (Coming Soon)

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The Feud Challenge - Popular Game Show Format